The King’s Speech

It seems as if the majority of people are backing The King’s Speech as the front runner of the 10 nominated Best Picture nominees. I disagree with the majority. Even though I believe The King’s Speech was a very strong film and is one of the best of the years, I believe that the highest of honers should go to another film.

The King’s Speech tells the true story of King George VI. The father of the current Queen Elizabeth II, who is shown in the film as a little girl. Colin Firth stars as the stuttering King George VI. By his side, his wife played by Helena Bonham Carter, tries to help find a solution to his disability. She finds a speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush.

Colin Firth starts the film as just a prince, so his stuttering issues are a problem but not his greatest of concerns. He quickly and unwillingly moves up the ranks and becomes King. As World War II is approaching and as the newly appointed king, his speeches hold greater power among his people. So his disability grows into one of his major problems.

It was a great performance between Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush and they are both nominated for Best Actor. Once again, the majority of people are backing Colin Firth as front runner, but this time I believe this award should go to him. The film actually shows a very interesting relationship between two males. The dynamic between Firth and Rush shows power struggles, trust issues and confidentiality. As royalty, Firth demands power and dominance over Rush, but Rush is unwilling to do so and forces Firth to play by his own rules. At the beginning of their relationship, Firth has no faith in Rush’s ability to fix him of his disability. Rush tricks him and proves that there is a possible way to fix him. Then there is a the funny scene of confeditiality of Rush never telling his wife that he frequently meets with royalty until she walks in on them on day. Almost like an afair. Along with the two Best actor nominees, Helena Bonham Carter is nominated for best supporting actress.

The film was good, but not overwhelmingly good. If it wins best picture, I completely understand why, even though I think another is more deserving. It is a great part of history that is of commonly discussed and definitely a must watch, but I do not believe I will visit it more than once.

4 out of 5 stars

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