Firedog (2010)

This is an animation I made with Epipheo Studios for the relaunch of Firedog and be view on the home page I created all the animation and resources except for the Firedog logo itself, which they of course use for everything, and the two animated logos of the jumping dog that they also use for many of their projects. The script, voice over and music was created by others. Firedog (Rev 11)

The First Post

I am TJ McKimmey and this is my blog. I graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in film & video with a focus in traditional animation. I am constantly playing video games, watching films and TV shows. So I will be posting my opinion on the ones that stand out. I plan to find time to read more books and comics and post my opinion on those too. And of course I will post about random events from my life.

In the meantime watch my animation reel.

TJ McKimmey – Animation Reel (2009) from TJ McKimmey on Vimeo.