Eardrop (2011)

Eardrop is now available for download at http://eardrop.fm/

This is an iPhone App demonstration video I made for http://earwolf.com/

Proctor Orthopedic (2011)

Central States Media is an agency that came to the media production company that I work for, Water Street Media Works, and asked us to help create a TV commercial as part of their larger campaign for Proctor Hospital in Peoria Illinois.

The animation itself is very complex. Each piece was hand drawn, cut out, painted and then scanned into the computer even before the animation even began. This is my second TV commercial ever.

Drawn Skyline Of Peoria (2010)

This is a very short animation I created for AdCo in Peoria that they will use on a website. I made it in Flash and later added a little music just for fun. (Rev05)

This is a very short animation I created in Flash for AdCo in Peoria for a website. I added a little music for fun (Rev05)

Firedog (2010)

This is an animation I made with Epipheo Studios for the relaunch of Firedog and be view on the home page Firedog.com. I created all the animation and resources except for the Firedog logo itself, which they of course use for everything, and the two animated logos of the jumping dog that they also use for many of their projects. The script, voice over and music was created by others. Firedog (Rev 11)